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Co-Founder, Composer, Music Director, Collaborator, Performer

Duncan Cox is a young performer who combines theatre with music. A proud instrumentalist (including guitar, piano, tin whistles, button accordion, several forms of percussion, and many more), Duncan is a singer/songwriter and revels in opportunities to create songs that work both individually and as parts of a whole. Duncan has written the music for Walk&Talk Theatre Company’s four shows (“KING”, “The Ballad of Johnny Boy”, “The Last Garden” and “The Headliners”). Duncan created a solo presentation that he takes to elementary schools, playing his original songs, juggling pins, and storytelling to spread a message of kindness to each other and ourselves.



Co-Founder, Production Manager, Movement Director, Collaborator, Performer

Tanner Manson is a gay multidisciplinary theatre artist with a passion for devised creation, poetry and physical theatre. He creates image-based work that is developed through stream-of-conscious and improvisational techniques. Expect absurdist thoughts filled with love in his work. He does a little bit of everything and loves everything a lot: performing, producing, writing, programming sound, stage managing, constructing sets, teaching and directing.



Co-Founder, Lead Writer, Collaborator, Performer

Ben Townsley is a creator, performer and singer with a love of language, music and the absurd. Ben is a big believer in the idea of “accessibly deep theatre” and creates work that is both fun and raucous as well as thematically intricate. He has served as Walk&Talk’s playwright for both “KING” and The Headliners (finalists for the Harry Rintoul Award for best new Manitoban play 2017 and 2019) and The Ballad of Johnny Boy (winner of the Harry Rintoul Award 2018). 



Graphic Designer, Photographer

Danielle Friesen is a local visual artist in her second year of studying graphic design at Red River College. Over the past two years she has had the privilege of working with Walk&Talk Theatre Company to create designs for “KING”, The Ballad of Johnny Boy and The Last Garden. She aspires to be a designer who can make thoughtful design for artists. To be heard is hard in such a loud world, but with good work, there is always a light shining thru the rest. She looks forward to completing her studies and strengthening her knowledge in the industry to continue what she loves. To have the ability to make good work. She is forever thankful for the trust of this incredible theatre company and looks forward to what is next in their scripts.



Stage Manager

  Maddy Wery is a lover of theater, comedy, and the general absurdity of life. While she got her start with highschool plays, acting on stage, Maddy soon became enamored with everything behind it. With focuses in stage management, set design, and stage makeup, she soon found that this is where she's truly passionate.



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