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Beloved Winnipeg Fringe Troubadours Announce 3 World Premiers This 2023/24!

These 3 ensemble-driven pieces explore beautifully massive questions & concepts that we navigate with humour, musical earworms that pull on your heartstrings, and loveable characters (as is the Walk&Talk way!) 


Afterlight is a new rock musical that illuminates the loves and losses of a suicidal vampire and an insomniac old woman. The Last Garden is a dreamy piece that dances and sings about searching for love at the end of the world. In Walk&Talk’s biggest project to date, End of the Line takes a raucous look at the idea of the flood myth and what grows anew when the world is washed away.

READ ON for more information on all these shows and how to see them! 

2023/24 Season: About


A Co-Production with The Keep Theatre

Presented by Rainbow Stage

Book by Sharon Bajer

Music/Lyrics by Duncan Cox

Directed by Jillian Willems

Music Directed by Paul DeGurse

Salle Pauline Boutal Hall - 340 Provencher Blvd. 

September 21-Oct 1, 2023

In the nightly search for her missing husband, an elderly insomniac, Wanda, encounters a 500 year old suicidal vampire, Razvan, whom she invites into her history museum of a home. At its core, this is a story of universal truths about life and death, and the long road that unfolds between them. Afterlight is a darkly comedic and whimsical new musical about the unlikely romance that develops between two souls desperate to find the light at the end of the tunnel. 


2023/24 Season: About

The Last Garden

By Tanner Manson

Co-Directed by Tanner Manson & Angelica Schwartz

Choreographed by Emily Solstice Tait

Musical/Lyrical Contributions from Hera Nalam, Duncan Cox & Ben Townsley

The Rachel Brown Theatre - 211 Bannatyne Ave.

Nov 3-5, 2023

The Last Garden is the story of the last florist tending the last garden on Earth which just so happens to be a shitty-potted plant in a basement somewhere. He talks to the last garden (because talking to plants is supposed to help them grow) but there are many interruptions that take the form of his dreams and memories: two flaming princes on the day of their wedding, Mermen moving in together, a Funeral Singer, and more! This dreamscape is at the intersection of dance-theatre and musical theatre, that is enlivened by a full queer team!  


2023/24 Season: About

End of the Line

A Co-Production with Theatre Projects Manitoba

Created by Walk&Talk Theatre Company 

Written by Ben Townsley  

Music/Lyrics by Duncan Cox  

Movement Score by Tanner Manson 

Directed by Andraea Sartison 

Music Directed by Paul DeGurse

Asper Centre for Theatre and Film – University of Winnipeg – 400 Colony St. 

May 3rd – May 12th, 2024 

End of the Line is a new musical that tells the story of Heart City – a coastal community destroyed in an instant as a dam breaks and a river crashes through countless lives on its way to rejoin the sea. We follow the interwoven stories of eight strangers and their subtle self discoveries as they discover their most authentic selves just before they are destroyed. With one final party, we celebrate the life and the death of Heart City. A new piece of theatre filled with catchy songs & thoughtful lyrics, bursting at the seam with evocative & hilarious text, and brought to life with innovative staging and choreography. The performing ensemble is filled with Winnipeg’s fiercest young performers who are making waves as they hit the scene: singer-songwriters, opera singers, dance artists and more!  


2023/24 Season: About


Afterlight Production is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council.

The Last Garden has received development support the Manitoba Arts Council and from One Trunk Theatre. Production support is funded by Canada Council for the Arts.

End of the Line was a commission from Theatre Projects Manitoba. The project has received development support from The Manitoba Association of Playwrights. Development has had funding support from the Manitoba Arts Council. Production support is funded by Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council.



All lettering & logos designed by Danielle Friesen.

(from top down)

1) Photo by: Joshua Banman featuring the ensemble of End of the Line.

2) Photo by: Kristen Sawatsky. Age Makeup: Doug Morrow. Wig Stylist: Leanna Neiser. Pictured: Duncan Cox & Sharon Bajer.

3) Photo by: Angelica Schwartz. Pictured: Hera Nalam.

4: Photo by: David Guezen. Pictured: Ben Townsley.

2023/24 Season: Text
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