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A Staged Reading Presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba

End of the Line is a new musical that explores the stories of 8 beautifully eccentric characters as they navigate a time before, during and after “The Flood”. A timely tale of the world being flooded and finding hope in what can grow anew. A new piece of theatre filled with catchy songs & thoughtful lyrics, bursting at the seam with evocative & hilarious text, and brought to life with innovative staging and choreography. Walk&Talk has been working with 12 of Winnipeg’s greatest theatre-artists & musicians as they’ve developed this work thoughtfully since 2019. 

Created by Walk&Talk Theatre Company

Playwright: Ben Townsley

Composer/Lyricist: Duncan Cox

Movement Director/Producer: Tanner Manson

Performers: Kamal Chioua, Duncan Cox, Victoria Hill, Montana Lehmann, Hera Nalam, Ben Townsley, Tanner Manson & Jean van der Merwe

Musicians: Josh Bellan, Paul de Gurse, Matt Kozicki & Brendan Thompson

Developed with support from Paul de Gurse & Andraea Sartison.

Development & Public Presentation Supported by the Manitoba Arts Council. End of the Line has received development support from the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.

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A Co-Production with One Trunk Theatre
Presented by the West End Cultural Centre

“And just as the sun disappears under the water, the whole world...goes dark.”

Winnipeg’s leaders in fresh and new theatrical creation, One Trunk Theatre and Walk&Talk Theatre, are partnering up to bring their innovative and whimsical forces together in a new work by Ben Townsley: Blink. Inspired by radio plays and the beauty of the end of the world as we know it, Blink is a guided meditation gone wrong as the sun sets, a city slides into the sea, and we stumble through life in the dark.

Artistic Team 

Written by Ben Townsley, Directed by Ray Strachan, Artistically Produced by One Trunk’s Andraea Sartison & Gwendolyn Collins and Walk&Talk’s Tanner Manson Featuring the vocal performances of these young & fierce artists: Duncan Cox, Cuinn Joseph, Kara Joseph, Melissa Langdon, Montana Lehmann, Tanner Manson & Ben Townsley. Illustration & Graphic Design by Danielle Friesen, Production Design by jaymez, Promotional Trailer by Patrick Jordan.

Made possible with the support of the Manitoba Arts Council. 

Listen to Blink Here!



Winnipeg Fringe 2019

"There is no easy way from the Earth to the Stars. So, until then, let's have some music!" 

A finalist for the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play 2019. In 1977, Humanity launched the Voyager 1 onto the cosmic stage. Aboard it, a golden record, and history’s greatest composers turned space explorers: Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Skip the opening act and join “The Headliners” for a night of live original music in a symphonic supernova that will be seen throughout the stars. Hopefully.

The Headliners features performances from co-creators: Duncan Cox (Composer & Music Director), Tanner Manson (Production Manager & Movement Director) and Ben Townsley (Lead Writer). The team also consists of: Graphic Design - Danielle Friesen and Dramaturge - Claire Borody. 

4 Stars - Winnipeg Free Press 



Victoria Fringe 2018

"What flowers do we bring to Earth’s funeral? Do you think the Earth likes roses or is that too cliché?”

Welcome to the dreamscape of a Florist’s mind in the last garden on Earth. “The Last Garden” weaves storytelling, existentialism, music and dance in a beautiful show exploring the absurdity of the world we live in. A solo devised collage piece exploring the ironies of humanity. You will hear thoughts from Van Gogh, an "Ode to Godot", the story of a Grandpa living underneath an evergreen and the reason why Florist's hate roses and much more. 

“The Last Garden” has been created collaboratively:

Conceived, Performed and Production Managed by: Tanner Manson

Music & Lyrics by: Duncan Cox, Hera Nalam & Ben Townsley

Choreography by: Emily Barker & Tanner Manson

Graphic Design by: Danielle Friesen

"Funny, sad, confounding, and hopeful, it's the kind of work that plants seeds in your mind," - Chad Jarvie-Laidlaw for Culture Vulture TV



Winnipeg Fringe 2018 & 2022

“All stories get told. Some are told once, some go down in history and some are never heard.”

Winner of the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play 2018, “The Ballad of Johnny Boy” starts off as a modest eulogy and turns into a flaming Viking funeral featuring original music performed live by three storytelling-barge masters of the afterlife. The show explores the beauty in the story of a simple life and what defines a “hero”. This dynamic trio weaves together physical theatre, music, storytelling and a beautiful design to give you a feast for your eyes and ears. You’ll leave the theatre having laughed, toe-tapped, cried and thinking about why the stories of some lives get told and others don’t.

Featuring performances by creators Duncan Cox (Composer and Music Director), Tanner Manson (Production Manager) and Ben Townsley (Writer). The team also consists of Stage Manager - Maddy Wery and Graphic Designer - Danielle Friesen.

4 Stars - CBC Manitoba (2018) 

4 Stars - Winnipeg Free Press (2022)

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Winnipeg Fringe 2017

“The way I see things…If you’ve got the power to do whatever you want, why wouldn’t you?”

A finalist for the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play 2017 and the winner of a Jenny Award. “KING” takes a tongue in cheek look at history’s most unapologetic rulers with a satirical look at the lives of Emperor Nero, Henry VIII and Napoleon Bonaparte. Through a series of trials, recesses and rock concert performances, “KING” explores what happens when unchecked egos rule the world.

“KING” features performances by creators Duncan Cox (Music Director), Tanner Manson (Production Manager) and Ben Townsley (Writing Director). The team also consists of: Stage Manager - Maddy Wery, Vocal Recordings - Victoria Hill and Omar Samuels, Graphic Design - Danielle Friesen and Style Coaching - Ady Kay.

4 Stars - Winnipeg Free Press

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